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No matter what your service needs are we have you covered 


At MonkeywrenchMX we specialize in all aspects of your service needs from routine care to fully modified race engines that put you on the podium. We can customize any race engine to fit your racing style two stroke and four stroke. 

  • Cylinder Replating 

  • Head Repairs 

  • Crank Repairs and Replacements

  • Port and Polish

  • Valve Service 

  • Complete Motor Builds 

  • Two Stroke

  • Four Stroke

  • KTM

  • Yamaha

  • Kawasaki

  • Suzuki

  • Honda 

  • Husqvarna

MonkeywrenchMX specializes in suspension set up. Proper suspension set up is a vital key in getting the most out of your machine cornering, jumping, accelerating, hard pack, soft pack dirt, putting that horsepower you paid for to the ground. 

We use only the best suspension valving and spring components made by Race Tech which is backed by decades of experience and engineering that make components that perform "The Best You Know is the Best you've Ridden" Let me show you how much better it can be

  • KYB

  • Showa

  • WP

  • CARD

  • Cobra

  • Ohlins

  • Yamaha 

  • Kawasaki

  • Suzuki

  • KTM

  • Honda

  • Husqvarna

In need of a routine maintenance on your engine and suspension we can take care of you and get you back on track quick oil changes, air filters cleaned, cables lubricated, new tires installed call now and get it taken care of 


No time to get your bike ready for the next  race? We offer a Race Prep package that can be tailored anyway you like packages include​

  • Oil Changed

  • Tire Pressures set

  • Air Filter Cleaned

  • Chain Tightened

  • All Bolts Torqued

  • Spokes Checked 

  • Cables Lubed

  • Bike Washed & Detailed

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